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Company Stores are incredibly simple and affordable.

Sample Company Stores


Product Choices

Merchandise your store with your own products or import from 1,000’s of certified ASI® Supplier Members. You can upload up to 1,000 products in 10 product collections.


Instantly brand your Company Store by adding your client’s logo to all virtual sample-ready product images.

Social Media

Company Stores can easily be linked directly to your social media accounts. Keep customers tuned in to new products, amazing sales or special offers.


Company Stores are eCommerce-enabled. You can start selling directly from your site the moment you launch.


Demonstrate products using up to 50 videos directly from your YouTube© account. Don’t have product videos? No problem! We have a ton of videos that you can add instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Company Store can be used for almost anything including: reaching niche markets, special events or a branded store for your best customer without sacrificing your current business relationships.

Yes, via PayPal or PromoPayment®.

Yes, in the settings section under the "Site Password" tab.

Once a customer places an order on the site, you receive an email notification and then proceed with your normal order fulfillment process.

Yes, you can easily set up a point system, and you can name the points whatever your customer would like them to be named, so it’s truly customized to your particular client’s needs.

Setting up a Company Store can take as little as 20 minutes, but times may vary depending on the user.

Yes, you can do this using the “Custom Product” feature in the Company Store dashboard.

Our payment gateways allow for reporting. All sites also allow for Google© Analytics integration. Google Analytics can be set up using any Gmail account.