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What is a Company Store?

A Company Store is a custom online store that offers products branded for a specific company, event or market.



You'd benefit from a company store if you:

Scenario 1

Have clients who want to add a way to sell branded merchandise to employees or the public.

The site is branded with your customer’s logo and populated with products they approved at the price point you negotiated.


Scenario 3

Have a niche market you want to target.

Create a space dedicated to the specific needs of your niche target audience.

Scenario 2

Have clients who want to offer gifts and incentives to their employees.

Employees can select their preferred gift from specific price points. Employees can be assigned a dollar amount they are allowed to spend on their incentive.


Scenario 4

Want to promote special events.

Easily target clients who are planning an event with product collections specific to that event.


Company Store Gallery

No matter what theme or event you're looking to highlight, there's a Company Store to match.

Check out some current examples:



You can even create a Company Store geared toward a specific client:


Company Store Features

Product Choices

Merchandise your store with your own products or import from almost 3,000 certified ASI® supplier members.

Customer Branding

Instantly brand your Company Store by adding your client’s logo to all virtual sample-ready product images.


Company Stores are e-commerce-enabled. You can start selling directly from your site the moment you launch.

Point and Coupon System

Assign coupons or points to users so they can shop only at certain price points.

Password Protected

Protect your site with a password to limit access to only the customers you want.

Store Designs

Select a design for your store based on the theme of the event, market or specific client.


Company Store Tour

Want a quick tour? Watch this short video.





Promote Company Stores to Your Clients



Company Stores make your clients more loyal and less likely to be lured away by another distributor.


Download this end-buyer-friendly sheet with benefits to convince your clients to use a Company Store.


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